Equipment Financing

Find the Right Machinery With Equipment Financing

Equipment is often a significant expense regardless of which type of company you own. You may not be prepared to pay for the machinery you need upfront, but with the equipment financing and leasing options offered by Lone Star Commercial Capital, you can worry less about funding machinery and focus on growing your business in other ways.

What Programs Do We Offer?

Companies from different categories need various types of equipment so we offer four programs to meet different needs. Choose which of the following programs would be most beneficial for your business.

  • Sale and lease-back programs: Lease the equipment you need until you can afford to buy it.
  • B, C and D programs: Get approved for equipment loans without perfect credit.
  • Startup programs: Receive financing even if your company is new with a limited credit history.
  • Government and municipal programs: Get approved automatically for a loan if your business is a public entity,

What Are the Advantages of Equipment Leasing?

Equipment leasing is a good option for people who do not want the responsibility of maintaining and repairing machinery. For a monthly fee, you use the equipment as often as necessary and are free to upgrade at any time. You will earn significant tax advantages and can free up the cash you have on hand so you can grow your company in other ways. This option even helps you preserve existing lines of credit.

What Are the Benefits of Financing Equipment?

We offer various payment structures to accommodate different budgets. You stand to receive a loan amount of up to $500,000, and applications under $150,000 do not require a financial statement. Regardless of the size of your loan, we require little to no collateral.

Get Started Today

Lone Star Commercial Capital is ready to help you secure the equipment you need whether you choose to finance or lease it. Contact us today to discuss your options.