Franchise Financing

Fast Processing for Franchise Financing

There are many different steps between getting approved for your own franchise location and opening day. Whether you have six months or more available to take care of everything, it can seem like time flies. To help you take care of everything on time and smoothly, we provide fast approval for franchise financing. That way the only thing you have to wait for are your suppliers, never capital needs.

Streamlined Application and Approval

At Lone Star Commercial Capital, our point of view is that if you have the expertise needed to qualify for a franchise, you meet our requirements as well. We accelerate the loan approval process for franchisees, helping you get capital for real estate, equipment and other needs quickly. You don’t need to present countless documents and years’ worth of financial records to get started. In fact, many franchisees can get prequalified in a day or two.

Ongoing Support

What many franchisees love about our team is that we don’t just stamp approval on your loan and move on. We’re always by your side when you need us:

  • Comprehensive loans that take care of everything
  • Guidance for the right financing options
  • Assistance with your business goals
  • Immediate responses to your questions

You don’t need decades of experience to get started. All you need is passion and our trustworthy financing team behind you. Contact us to learn more about franchise financing today.