How Creativity Can Change Your Workplace

When many adults think of creativity, they often envision a child playing or the arts, but typically the first thing that comes to mind is not work; however, this can change the workplace. If you want to invigorate and energize your employees and create the type of environment where everyone can thrive, you need to learn how to harness your employees’ creative energy and find ways to promote this at work.

Creative Mindset

If you want your company to thrive, you need to create a space where your employees can bring their most creative thinking. Innovation is not possible when you shut down ideas, criticize and micromanage, so you need to be cognizant of the energy and type of workplace you are fostering which is reliant on you. As a manager, you can conduct activities that allow employees to look at the same topic from different vantage points, perspectives and lenses as a way to promote innovation and creative thinking. The reality is that not every idea will be a winner, but an abundance of ideas is sure to produce multiple options. It is your job to establish a culture where all ideas are welcome.

Innovation and Problems

Truly innovative ideas can address problems and bring forth imaginative solutions. When you leave space for creative problem solving, you give flexibility for there to be many possible solutions to one problem. There can often be many solutions to the same problem and by allowing your staff to address problems innovatively and imaginatively, you can ensure that you find the best solution. Stifling their inventive energy can result in forcing your staff into narrow and insufficient solutions.

Ideation to Implementation

Imaginative ideas aren’t enough, you need to help see ideas from ideation to implementation. Focusing on the power of failure and the lessons that can be learned from each step of the process is key. It allows them to be flexible in their process and improves the likelihood of continued innovation. As the manager, you can help your employees incorporate different perspectives and promote openness to trying out different ideas. This can help different ideas come together in a beautiful tapestry of innovation and blend of different inventive ideas.

Not only is it your job to help your employees harness their creative energy, but it is also your obligation to ensure that it isn’t squashed and instead, celebrated. If you want your company to be at the top of its game and want your staff to thrive, you need to embrace creative and imaginative employees. When staff feel like their ideas and perspectives are appreciated and celebrated, they are more likely to increase creativity, have higher satisfaction with work and stay longer.